Enhance your connection, elevate your intimacy, and reach a new level of excitement with your luver!

Each box includes a themed scenario of role play, outfits, toys, a playlist, and so much more. Everything has been hand selected and curated for your pleasure! Let us do all the work. Now it is your turn to enjoy as you embark on the most exciting experience!

Who knows where the adventure will take you. You might find yourself drooling over your professor, patting down a wanted thief or saving a horse by riding a cowboy.

The list goes on and on... Luv The Box will bring the fantasy you didn't know you needed. 


Do you remember the feeling of butterflies in your stomach? Not wanting to go to sleep or leave the bed? Counting down the minutes until your next rendez-vous? Enhance the passion and excitement that you share with your spouse with the help of Luv The Box! Experience date night in a fun, exciting and sexy way! Every themed box contains a scenario to help you reconnect with your partner along with a toy(s), lingerie, and many more surprises. Get ready for a night full of passion and laughter!

Our Story

  • Hello Luvers,

    We are such givers, we couldn’t help but share this amazing, mind blowing experience with you all. We have been happily married to our husbands for over 10 years. As with any long term relationship, life happens - kids, activities, work, and a ton of other commitments. By the end of the day, we are tired and just go along with our usual routines. The original box was created to celebrate an anniversary and break the monotony that the couple was experiencing. When our friends heard about it and started ordering their own boxes, we realized that there was a definite need. Luv the Box has brought increased intimacy, connection, and laughter into relationships while putting sex positivity and sexual satisfaction of both luvers at the forefront. Luv The Box provides an opportunity to break away from your day-to-day in a creative, sexy, and exciting way. We want you to relax, have fun, and enjoy each other.



    I surprised my husband with the “Luv Box” for our wedding anniversary. Even though I have some sexy lingerie and adult toys, it was so much fun to open the surprise items and to try something new & unexpected as a part of our celebration!  

    I’d recommend this option for any couple looking to add a little adventure with their sex repertoire and for extra fun!

    - SEXY MOM OF TWO, 40 years old

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